Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A biology teacher at a high school in Irving is organizing a field trip for her students to the Fort Worth Zoo. She wants to take 3 classes totaling 78 students on an educational trip to see wildlife up close. After getting approval from the school, she decides to rent a charter bus in Irving to transport everyone together. She finds a 56 passenger charter bus for $150 per hour and estimates they need it for 6 hours, from 8am-2pm. This brings the total cost of the Irving charter bus rental to $900. She also tips 10% for excellent service, adding another $90. So the total cost comes out to $990, or around $13 per student. It’s an affordable way to provide a fun learning experience outside of the classroom. The charter bus allows them to focus on learning during the trip rather than driving logistics.


Example #2

A regional sales manager at a fortune 500 company in Irving is organizing an annual corporate outing for her top performing sales reps. She wants to arrange a fun day trip visiting tourist attractions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a reward for their hard work over the past year. She selects 15 of her best sales reps from offices across Texas and plans for them to meet at the corporate headquarters in Irving first thing in the morning. She decides to book a 25 passenger charter bus for the day to shuttle the group around to different activities she has planned. The total cost for the Irving charter bus rental is $1,925. This covers the bus for 8 hours to bring them from headquarters to tourist destinations like the Fort Worth Stockyards, Sundance Square, and the Dallas World Aquarium. It allows them to avoid parking and traffic, while bonding as a team. To show her appreciation, the manager tips the charter bus team 10% for providing excellent service throughout the day. This brings the total for their Dallas/Fort Worth group trip to $2,117. The all-inclusive transportation helps make the day a huge success, coming out to around $141 per person..


Example #3:

The local high school boys basketball team in Irving is heading to the state finals tournament in Austin this March. To make the long trip more comfortable, the team decides to rent a charter bus. For a 56 passenger coach bus with restroom, TVs, and WiFi, the 8 hour roundtrip costs $2,400. The school can easily fit the 15 players, coaches, cheerleaders, band members, and some parents on the bus. The charter company provides an experienced team familiar with the Austin area. The total cost comes out to only $160 per person for the Austin charter bus rental. This makes travel easy compared to coordinating many separate cars. The team arrives well-rested and ready to compete. The charter bus gets them there comfortably and on-time without any logistical headaches.


Example #4:

A group of coworkers at a technology company in Irving wanted to celebrate a successful product launch with a fun day trip together. They decided to rent a 20 passenger party bus for a Saturday to explore downtown Dallas. The itinerary included visits to the Dallas Museum of Art, the Perot Museum, and dinner at a nice restaurant. For the 8 hour rental from 10am to 6pm, the total cost of the Irving party bus was $1,600. This broke down to just $80 per person for the 15 coworkers. The party bus provided a convenient and comfortable way for the group to travel together. They were able to avoid traffic and parking headaches. Everyone could relax and socialize during the drive between stops. The onboard entertainment system kept the mood festive. At the end of the perfect celebratory day, they happily tipped 15% for providing excellent service.


Example #5:

A couple planning their dream wedding in Irving, Texas contacted us to arrange transportation for their guests. With over 200 invitees anticipated, they wanted a luxurious yet affordable bus rental option. We provided a quote for two 56-passenger luxury charter buses, picked up from their downtown Dallas hotel and dropped off at the Irving wedding venue. The 8 hour rental period spanned from 11am – 7pm on a Saturday in June. Our all-inclusive quote came to $2,800 per bus, which covered the duration of the rental and all fees. That came out to only $28 per person – an incredible value considering the luxury leather seats, spacious legroom, restroom, TVs, and more. The happy couple graciously tipped 10% for providing outstanding service on their special day. Our charter buses ensured their guests traveled in comfort and style.

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